Fire Prevention

About the Fire Prevention Bureau
One of the most effective ways to prevent fires is to prevent them from starting. The Rolling Meadows Fire Prevention Bureau's mission is to inspect all of the occupancies and buildings within its jurisdiction.

Fire Inspections
Performing fire inspections can reduce the potential of a fire from occurring and keep fire safety in the forefront of the business owners and property managers, thus reducing the likelihood of fire in the building. Decreasing the dollar loss to a business and time lost when a fire occurs is important, not only to the business owner, but to the City as well.

Occupancy Inspections

Inspections of occupancies (business, multi-family, and industrial) are performed to maintain the health, safety, and general welfare of all concerned. A greater percentage of the occupancies in our City have been inspected because we use off-duty firefighter inspectors.

Pre-Planning & Safety Inspections
Performing inspections are important, not only to the business, but to the firefighters as well. The information obtained during as inspection is passed on to the firefighters and added to the building’s pre-plan.

On-duty fire personnel are also involved with the bureau. The companies perform the 1st reinspection on occupancies. This permits the firefighters to see the inside of the buildings and to observe special processes or other conditions that may effect firefighting tactics. Additionally, the firefighters are able to interact with the community and both entities can express concerns in maintaining a fire-safe environment.