Fees & Payments

The normal price for passenger cars is $30. If purchased on July 1 and after, the price is $60 per passenger vehicle. After the June 30 deadline, the late fee applies and drivers will be subject to a $100 fine for not displaying a valid city sticker.

Schedule of Fees

*Limit 2 per address
Type Before June 30
After June 30
Passenger vehicles under 8,000 pounds
$30 $60
Motorcycles and trailers
$30 $60
Vehicles over 8,000 pounds
$68 $136
RVs $37 $74
Senior Resident (Over 65) or
Antique Vehicle
$20 $40
Handicapped (State Placard or Plate) $11 $22
Active military with ID
No Charge
No Charge

Payment Methods

Vehicle stickers may be purchased in the following methods (USE YOUR PRE-PRINTED APPLICATION FOR SPEED AND EASE OF PURCHASE):

Transferring Stickers

A transfer sticker must be purchased when a vehicle is sold and another vehicle is purchased. A transfer sticker may be obtained in person at City Hall and the cost is $10 for the new vehicle sticker.