Curbside Collection Program
Items must be placed in the 65 or 35-gallon containers supplied by the City. Only items inside the cart will be picked up. All recycling containers must be removed from the curbside by the end of collection day.

Regulations & Guidelines
  • Rolling Meadows provides single-sort recycling. Place all recyclables into recycling toter carts and the state of the art recycling facility does the rest.
  • Only recyclable materials placed into the toter carts will be collected by the recycling company.
  • Do not put refuse or yard waste in recycling carts.
  1. Accepted Paper Materials
  2. Accepted Non-Paper Materials
  3. Public Works Drop Off Center
  4. Unacceptable Materials

Accepted Paper Materials

Types of Items
Corrugated boxes and brown paper bags
This includes non-waxed corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags that fit into the recycling cart
Magazines, catalogs, and paperback books
This includes all glossy magazines, catalogs, and phone books.
Mixed paper
This includes junk mail, computer paper, and stationary. This material may be mixed with newspaper).
Newspaper This includes weekly and Sunday newspaper and all insets. Do not tie newspapers in bundles.
Paperboard This includes cereal and other dry food boxes, pop, beer, and egg cartons.