Police Officer Training-New Officers

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Certification Requirements
All newly hired police officers must meet certain requirements before they are certified by the state. Each must attend 1 of 6 police training academies and complete a 480-hour basic training program and a 40-hour firearms training course as well as pass both a written test and a physical fitness test.

The basic training program includes training in making arrests, use of force and the rights of the accused. Officers also receive instruction in communications, crisis intervention, homeland security, crime prevention, investigation, traffic law enforcement, first aid and community policing.

College Education Benefits

Many police departments including Rolling Meadows Police Department, now require new officers to have a college education. Research indicates that college-educated officers:
  • Perform police tasks better
  • Are better writers and public speakers
  • Are better able to deal with different cultures, races, and lifestyles
  • Have fewer disciplinary problems
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