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The Social Services Outreach Program is a professionally staffed section of the Rolling Meadows Police Department. It is our goal to enhance the quality of life through empowerment, coordination of resources, and promotions of education and health among all residents of the City of Rolling Meadows 

Ms. Natalia Mercado, MA, LCPC is the bilingual Outreach Specialist for the Rolling Meadows Police Department. She works closely with the community, local Social Service Organizations, and legal resources to help maintain a safe environment within the Rolling Meadows Community. 

Educational Background
B.A., Psychology, Michigan State University
M.A., Counseling Psychology, Adler School of Professional Psychology



Services Offered by the Social Services Specialist: 

Crisis Intervention: Emergency care aimed at assisting individuals in a variety of crisis situations that may occur with the City of Rolling Meadows.  

Court Advocacy: Assistance is provided to victims of crimes. The social outreach specialist is a trained advocate available to provide advocacy and support related to the court system and the prosecution process, and appraising them of their rights. 

Community Education: Weekly discussions are offered to citizens of the City of Rolling Meadows that pertain to educational and community concerns. This is especially important in the Latino community, who have voiced their concern for the improvement of the relationship between police and ethnic minority residents. 

Child Abuse and Neglect: Development and implementation of prevention for child abuse and neglect through: raising awareness among the community, partnership with outside resources who specialize in prevention and intervention amongst child abuse and neglect.  

Crime Prevention: Education based approach utilizing public awareness to reduce the crime risk within the City of Rolling Meadows. 

Crime Victim Compensation:  Making sure that eligible crime victims are connected with the compensation that the Attorney General reserves for victims of crime and their families for expenses accrued as a result of a violent crime.  

Domestic Violence: Intervention services including: Obtaining orders of protection, referral for emergency safe housing, legal advocacy, transportation to court and shelter/safe place when needed.  

Emergency Assistance: Immediate assistance is provided for families and individuals in crisis situations of varying nature. Some financial assistance is also available through outside emergency funds that Ms. Mercado is able to assist residents in applying for. 

Referrals to Supportive Services: Provide assistance, advocacy, and available information to specialized organizations.  

Senior Citizen Issues: Referrals are properly made to local organizations that specialize in providing assistance to older adults. Natalia contributes to the Rolling Meadows Senior Newsletter in a section titled: Rolling Meadows Police Department—Social Services Corner 

Short-Term Counseling: Crisis Intervention based counseling services are provided to individuals in a crisis situation.

  • Individual  Therapy
  • Couple & Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy                      

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please contact Natalia Mercado, the Rolling Meadows Outreach Social Services Specialist directly at: (847) 870-2636