2023 Street Resurfacing Program

Tentative Start Date: June 12, 2023
Tentative Completion Date: Fall of 2023
Bid Opening: 02/28/2023
Project Manager: Brad Valentino, Rolling Meadows Public Works
Contractor: Builders Paving LLC
Awarded Contract Amount: $948,000
Funding Sources: Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) and Local Funds

Project Information

The work to be performed consists of storm sewer improvements, curb and gutter removal and replacement, sidewalk removal and replacement, asphalt surface removal, pavement base patching, asphalt leveling binder, asphalt surface course, pavement markings, and parkway restoration.

Construction Limits

South St. (Meadow Dr. to Dove St.)

South Ct. (South St. to Terminus)

Brookmeade Dr (Central Rd to Plum Grove Dr)

Plum Grove Dr. (Barker Ave. to Magnolia Dr)

Magnolia Dr. (Plum Grove Dr. to Brookmeade Dr.)

Anticipated Hours of Work:

7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday - Friday (Saturday if necessary)


Weekly Project Update

8/30/2023: The surface layer of asphalt has been completely milled.  Builders Asphalt is now finishing full-depth patchwork throughout the program.  This includes any finished utility digs as well as any problematic areas of the base course.  Starting On Friday, September 1, 2023, Builders Asphalt will spray the roadway with oil in preparation for the first of two layers of asphalt to be laid down.  Crews will be out between 4 and 5 a.m. to spray the road, allowing it to cure before traffic emerges.  A notification to residents has been hand-delivered. For a copy of this notification, please see below in the "Construction Notifications" section 

NO PARKING on the street during this phase of the project.  

Construction Notifications