Brockway Street Sanitary Sewer Extension

Tentative Start Date: April  11, 2022
Tentative Completion Date: Early May 2022
Bid Opening: April 11, 2022
Project Manager: Mark Kilarski
Contractor: Mauro Sewer Construction
Awarded Contract Amount: $119,050.00
Funding Sources: Local Utility Funds

Project Information

Install 8" Sanitary Sewer in the eastern parkway from the southern property line of 2750 Brockway to approximately 330 feet to the north.  6" Sanitary Service lines will be installed and capped at the R.O.W. for future connection (no service connections will be made at this time)

Construction Limits

2750 Brockway Street to approximately 330 feet north.

Anticipated Hours of Work: Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Weekly Project Updates:


Construction Notifications