Campbell Street Elevated Water Tank Rehabilitation

Tentative Start Date: 8/17/2020
Tentative Completion Date: 10/30/2020
Bid Opening: 12/21/2020
Project Manager: Jeff Stewart, RMPW Utilities Superintendent
Contractor: Jetco Ltd.
Awarded Contract Amount: $277,680.00
Funding Sources: Local Funding

Project Information

The 150,000 gallon elevated water tank, built in the mid 1950"s, will undergo a rehabilitation consisting of pressure washing and surface preparation, making necessary structural repairs, the installation of a new roof vent and ground hatch, installation of a new rust protection system and a complete interior and exterior paint coating application.

Construction Limits

The project limits will be contained to the fenced in tank sire in the park with some equipment storage outside the fence on the west side of the property and some occasional truck traffic in the area.  The Park District Tennis Courts will be closed during the day during construction.  the playground will remain open.

Anticipated Hours of Work: Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Campbell Water Tower

Weekly Project Updates:

Week of 11/16/2020:  The tank project has been going well throughout the past several months. The tank improvements to date include;

  • Steel structure repairs.
  • Tank painted inside and out.
  • New ground manway hatch installed.
  • New roof vent installed.
  • New obstruction lights installed.
  • Repairs made to the six concrete leg support pads.


Next Week:  Installation of Cathodic Protection System (to aid in rust prevention), disinfection, sampling, filling, & return to service.

Construction Notifications