Residential Burglaries

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Report Suspicious Activity
In its efforts to control crime, the Rolling Meadows Police Department relies on the active assistance and support of residents and business owners. We ask that you be aware of your surroundings and call 911 immediately to report any of the following:
  • Suspicious/unrecognized vehicles parked in your neighborhood.
  • Suspicious/unrecognized vehicles driving up and down a street more then once.
  • Suspicious/unrecognized subjects walking through yards or on streets/sidewalks.
Burglary Prevention 

  •  Light the exterior of your home; especially doors and your house number. Consider using photoelectric lights (ones that turn on automatically when dark) and motion-sensor lights. Keep an interior light on at night; use a timer.
  •  Keep shrubs trimmed so walk-ways, gates, doors and windows can be observed & burglars cannot hide.
  •  Close and lock your garage door when not in use.
  •  ALWAYS lock your doors when you leave the house.
  •  Ask your neighbors to watch your house when you are away.
  •  Participate in Operation Identification.
  •  Consider an alarm system.
  •  Don’t leave notes indicating you are away from your home or when you’ll return!
  •  Have salesmen, repairmen, etc. show proper identification.
  •  Know neighbors’ normal routines.
  •  Report suspicious persons and/or unusual activities to the police!
  •  Don’t hide spare keys where “no one would ever look”! If you have thought of it, so has someone else.
  •  Never enter your house if you see evidence of a burglary! If you interrupt a burglar in your home, do not confront him—let him go! Call 911!
Report Anonymous Crime Tips
In addition, you may call our Investigations Unit at 847-255-2416 or our 24-Hour Crime Tips Hotline at 847-506-6024 to report anonymously information regarding criminal activity, gang crimes, property crimes, etc.