Administration Division

Rolling Meadows Police Department Dedicated to Excellence
About the Division
The division handles:
Duties & Responsibilities
In addition to coordinating and overseeing all law enforcement related activities in the City, the Administration Division is responsible for:
  • Administering the police personnel and compensation function
  • Conducting labor management and contract negotiations
  • Coordinating mutual aid agreements with other agencies
  • Directing the department’s media and public relations activities
  • Engaging in research and development
  • Establishing goals and objectives for the Police Department
  • Interacting with the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners regarding police personnel issues
  • Preparing and overseeing the Police Department budget
Law Enforcement Consultation
The Administration Division staff is also available to the public for consultation concerning law enforcement matters.

Staff Structure

The Administration Division consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, police officers, and a secretary.