I have been receiving harassing telephone calls. What can I do?
This type of complaint can be handled by an online report or mail-in report. To file the report online go to: http://www.cityrm.org/FormCenter/Police-Department-4/Rolling-Meadows-Police-DepartmentONLINE--55 to file a mail in report go to: http://www.cityrm.org/280/Alternative-Reporting-System and download the PDF. Complete the form and mail back or drop off at the police desk at 3600 Kirchoff Rd. Rolling Meadows, IL 60008. Questions, you can call 847-255-2416 whic is our non emergency number.

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1. I received a phone call from someone identifying himself/herself as an IRS agent or US Marshall saying I owe taxes and will be arrested. What do I do?
2. I received a voice mail message telling me I do not get a trial and I have to call the IRS agent back. What do I do?
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9. Do you have more information about scams?
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11. I have been receiving harassing telephone calls. What can I do?
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