What do I do if I am in a traffic crash?
It depends on what kind of traffic accident you have been involved in.


Move out of the flow of traffic. If you are involved in a traffic accident and you determine that there are no personal injuries and the vehicles are driveable, please get the vehicles out of the flow of traffic. You do not want another accident involving other passing motorists.
Call the Police Department. This depends upon your location. If you do not know whom to call, call 911 and they will assist you.
Once a police officer arrives, he or she will be happy to take your traffic accident report. You will be given a case number; this is the report number. You will also be given an (SR1) accident form from the Secretary of State. You are required to fill this form out and mail it to the Secretary of State's Office if there is more than $1500.00 worth of damages on either vehicle. Mail it to the Secretary of State within the next ten days. Don't forget to make yourself a copy of the form before you send it in. Don't wait to make your report; call right away. Even if a report cannot be taken at that time, it is important to notify the proper authorities. When you get home, call your insurance agent and give them the report number and any other information that your have concerning the accident.


Call 911 immediately! If you are involved in a traffic accident that is not drivable or there is personal injury, call or have someone else call 911 immediately. Be sure to give the dispatcher the location of the accident so the Police may be sent out to investigate. If there are injuries, make sure you tell the dispatcher the nature of the injuries and the Fire Department will be notified. Help will be sent.


Don't chase a hit-and-run driver! If you are involved in a traffic accident and the other party involved drives off before you get the driver's name and information, do not pursue the other driver. You do not want to get into a high-speed chase and into another accident.
Call 911 immediately! Call 911 immediately and tell the dispatcher that the other driver left the scene. Give the best description possible of the driver, the vehicle type, color, license plate number, and direction of travel. A flash message will be given to the Police in the area over the radio telling them of the wanted driver in your hit-and-run accident. An officer will be sent to the scene to handle your accident report.


A report is not required. You may exchange information and decide among each other if you would like to handle the matter among yourselves. If not call the police and an officer will be dispatched to take the report.


You may both drive to the police department and an officer will take your report at the police station.

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