What will I learn at the 4-hour seminar?

The Crime Free Multi-Housing program was developed in 1992 by the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. The International Crime Free Multi-Housing Program have spread to nearly 2,000 cities in 44 U.S. states, 5 Canadian Provinces, Mexico, England, Finland, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Puerto Rico.

The information contained in the seminar is a compilation of experience and proven methods from professional rental property managers, lawyers, and police officers.

Seminar topics include:

Explanation of the City of Rolling Meadows residential rental ordinance
Overview of community policing and city resources available to assist you
Explanation of the Crime Free Lease Addendum with samples provided
CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) overview
Combating Crime Problems
Dealing with Non-Compliance
Applicant Screening (Background Checks)
Active Property Management and Working with the Police
City of Rolling Meadows rental issues/inspections/miscellaneous ordinances
USB workbook and additional valuable handouts and resource information

Seminar Registration Form.

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1. I only have one unit, why does the ordinance apply to me?
2. What will I learn at the 4-hour seminar?
3. When will the seminars be available for attendance?
4. I live out of state. Do I have to attend?
5. I own more than one unit in the city. How many seminars do I need to attend?
6. Does the ordinance require a criminal background check for rental applicants?
7. Does the ordinance require me to evict a tenant for one criminal incident?
8. Doesn’t the ordinance promote discrimination or profiling?
9. How can I be held responsible for the actions of my tenant?
10. Will my rental license be suspended or revoked any time a crime happens?
11. Does Crime Free Multi-Housing really work?