How can I be held responsible for the actions of my tenant?

A rental property, regardless of size, is in fact a business operation. While the city has the power to declare certain businesses and non-rental residential properties as nuisance, it has the right and responsibility to do the same for troublesome rental properties. The ordinance is designed to provide education and tools to rental property owners that will assist them and empower them to reduce the chances of problems and be prepared to quickly and effectively deal with problem tenants. This will not only assist the city and local neighborhoods, but may also protect the rental property owner from potential loss of rent during a protracted eviction and costly repairs to damaged units.

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1. I only have one unit, why does the ordinance apply to me?
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5. I own more than one unit in the city. How many seminars do I need to attend?
6. Does the ordinance require a criminal background check for rental applicants?
7. Does the ordinance require me to evict a tenant for one criminal incident?
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9. How can I be held responsible for the actions of my tenant?
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