How does a Fire Protection Service Provider enroll in IROL?
In an effort to streamline the inspection process our Jurisdiction has registered with InspectionReportsOnline (IROL). IROL is a Web-based Inspection Report Management System for Authorities Having Jurisdiction, Service Providers, and Commercial Property Owners.

IROL allows our Jurisdiction to receive and manage required system inspection reports submitted, electronically, by Service Providers through one secure and centralized web location. Utilizing this system will increase our record retention challenges, assist in deficiency follow through, and reduce/eliminate many of the issues and costs associated with the inspection process.

If your Company provides any of the following required inspections to our Jurisdiction, we are requiring you register as a Service Provider (SP):

Fire Alarm Inspections
Sprinkler Systems (wet, dry, or pre-action systems)
Engineered and Pre-Engineered Systems
Fire Pump Tests
Testing of Fire and Smoke Doors
Hood and Duct Systems
Back Flow Devices

In order to Register and Learn More about IROL:
1.Visit and click on the blue “Service Provider” box
2.Register as a Service Provider (SP)
3.Once registered and activated, you will need our AHJ Identification Number in order submit reports to our Jurisdiction. Our AHJ Identification Number is: (ILA11227). This ID can also be found on your SP Dashboard once activated.

If you have any questions on our new process, please feel free to contact us. If your questions are directed towards IROL, please call 331.454.7800 Monday-Friday 8am-4:00pm CST, or email

IROL’s Team is ready and willing to assist; from registration through continued use. They offer training at no cost to all users.

Thank you for assisting us in streamlining our process. We are confident the IROL site will benefit all parties involved.

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