How can I contest a parking ticket?

Parking tickets issued only for violating a handicapped parking space is the only ticket you can contest, and may may be contested by utilizing our mediation process. For contesting this violation, bring the parking ticket to our Police Department’s Service Desk and ask the Desk Officer for a Mediation Form. If you wish to print out and complete the form before coming to the Police Department view the forms section of our website to print out a mediation form. After you complete this form and submit it, it will be reviewed by the issuing Officer who will make a decision as to the validity of your reason for the violation. All other parking violations have an adjudication date that you can appear at and contest the violation, otherwise the violation must be paid prior to the adjudication date on the citation. You will be notified of the decision by mail or phone call of the contested handicap violation.  The cost of the ticket will not increase while your handicap parking complaint is being reviewed.

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