What can people of the City do to help stop crime?

Most property crime can be easily prevented by utilizing some simple crime prevention methods. The majority of crimes that have occurred in Rolling Meadows are thefts from vehicles and entry to open garages. Almost none of these involved any type of force to gain entry such as breaking a window. Residents must close their garage doors when not outside or able to watch the garage. The majority of garages have been entered at night, often just after dark. This has occurred even with parties occurring in the backyard or people home and awake. Vehicles have been left unlocked with valuables such as wallets, GPS systems, credit cards, computers, etc. in plain sight. For younger offenders, we must take the temptation away from them. Lock your vehicles as most thieves do not want to draw attention by breaking glass and making noise. Hide you valuables in your car if you cannot take them into the house. Put items in the trunk where they are not visible.

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1. I received a phone call from someone identifying himself/herself as an IRS agent or US Marshall saying I owe taxes and will be arrested. What do I do?
2. I received a voice mail message telling me I do not get a trial and I have to call the IRS agent back. What do I do?
3. I received a telephone call from a person conducting a survey for the Rolling Meadows Police Department. Is it legitimate?
4. I did send money to the agent (scammer) who said he was from the IRS. What can I do, can I get my money back?
5. I have been scammed. Who do I report this to?
6. Can the scammer who stole my money get caught?
7. I have the phone number the scammer called me from. What do I do?
8. Will caller ID help me for scams?
9. Do you have more information about scams?
10. I'm going on vacation. Will the police watch my house?
11. I have been receiving harassing telephone calls. What can I do?
12. I have received a phone call or text message where a threat was made. What can I do?
13. How can I protect myself from being a victim of identity theft?
14. How do I report gang or drug activity?
15. What can people of the City do to help stop crime?