Who do I contact if I see a street light out?

Some street lights are the responsibility of the City and some are the responsibility of other agencies, such as Cook County, the Illinois Department of Transportation, or Commonwealth Edison. As a general rule if the light is mounted to a wooden pole it is the property of Commonwealth Edison, and if the pole is metal it would be owned by the City, County, or State.

In any event, the most convenient way to report a street light out, downed sign, pothole, or other issues is to go the the City’s website, www.cityrm.org and select the Citizen Request https://www.cityrm.org/RequestTracker.aspx in the center/right of the front page, or call 847-963-0500 with the location of the pole.  If you believe it is a Commonwealth Edison light pole, you can contact them at 1-800-Edison1 or at www.comed.com.

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1. Who do I contact if I see a street light out?