Parkway Restorations

Repairing Damage
The City of Rolling Meadows Public Works Department currently uses a technique called HydroSeeding for repairing damage to parkways from:
  • Tree removal 
  • Utility excavations
  • Vehicle damage
  • Other assorted reasons
HydroSeeding Process
HydroSeeding is becoming a popular means of planting grass due to its relative ease of use and effectiveness. HydroSeeding is a process by which grass seed, fertilizer, fiber mulch, and water are blended together in a applicator tank and applied by a controlled spray onto a prepared lawn area.

Once sprayed, the wet fiber will help create a bond to the soil and provide the grass seeds with a water retaining blanketing-coat while protecting it from sunlight, wind, and erosion. As the grass seeds begin to germinate, the fiber mulch will slowly decompose adding nutrients to the soil.

HydroSeed will have a green color to it after application and will become less noticeable once the grass seeds begin to germinate and grow. Results are often quick with a high germination rate, producing grass growth in about a 7 to 10 days. Regular lawn maintenance should begin in about 3 to 4 weeks from the date of application.