Police Department Social Media

Rolling Meadows Police Department Dedicated to Excellence

In an effort to engage our residents and members of the community the Rolling Meadows Police Department understands that in order to keep in touch with the public and create an open friendly environment. We have engaged Social Media to assist us.
We currently have a Facebook account located here. We post fun pictures, information, and community events to this site. This account is officially verified by Facebook with a blue checkmark indicating authenticity and this is the official Rolling Meadows Police Department's Facebook page.
We also have a Twitter account where you can follow us @meadowspolice or you can monitor the account here . We are happy to report that Twitter has verified our account as being authentic with their official small blue check mark which verifies this is the official account of the Rolling Meadows Police Department. This account is also used to engage our residents in any issues that we feel would warrant an immediate tweet such as lane closures, accidents, emergencies, and we also put safety tips and any campaigns that we run out there as well including fun pics and information.
We also have a YouTube channel located here where you can access any videos we post that are educational at times and fun such as information, scam warnings, promotions, and events such as National Night Out and the Community Bike Ride.
The police department has also opened an Instagram account and is located on Instagram @RMPD This account is used to post fun pictures, safety pics, and small videos on occasion. 
We are currently looking at other social media options to help us get closer wit the citizens and visitors of the city.
The police department just partnered with Nextdoor. Click on the banner and learn more about this virtual neighborhood watch that allows us to push information to certain neighborhoods or throughout the City. You MUST join Nextdoor through an address verification as this program is strictly for our residents. Click the banner image and be taken to Nextdoor where you can then join us in this new modern way of neighborhood watch and community policing.
Connect with us on Nextdoor