Child Internet Safety

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Did You Know?
•23% of youths surveyed have reported to have formed close friendships with persons met online - 7% of those offered assistance to run away
•70% of cybersex incidents occurred while the youths were at home - 49% of these youths did not tell anyone, even when the incident became aggressive
•74% of youths use the Internet at home and 73% use the Internet at school
•A 15 year old boy came across a bestiality site while researching to write a report about wolves for school
•An 11 year old boy and friend where searching for game sites, when they typed in, a pornographic site appeared
•Each year, approximately one in five children is sexually solicited online
•Only 2% of these incidents were reported to police
•Over two million 10 year olds use the Internet regularly
•Unwanted solicitations can be done by using cell phones, personal digital assistants, and even video game consoles

What You Can Do
•Check the history function for sites that have been visited
•Keep the computer in a room that is occupied by all members of the family
•Limit time spent on the computer
•Look at the screen to see what your child is viewing
•Report all inappropriate material

Tell your child:

  • Do not chat with strangers
  • Do not give out address / telephone / school information or any private information
  • Do not make arrangements to meet anyone you met online
  • Do not say anything on the Internet that should not be said in public

•Use Internet parental controls

 Helpful Resources
• Cyber Tip Line - 1-8000-843-5678
• National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - 1-800-THE-LOST
• Net Smartz

Any other questions do not hesitate to call the police department 847-255-2416.