Smart Point Metering System

Meter Reader

Installation of Smart Point Metering System Begins!


What is a Smart Point? 
Most homes currently have a Touchpad mounted to the outside of their home, by which the City obtains a water meter reading.  To do this, the technician must walk up to the Touchpad and physically touch the handheld reader to the Touchpad.  The handheld registers the reading of the meter inside your home.  A Smart Point also captures the reading of your inside water meter.  The difference is that the Smart Point can transmit the water reading to the City’s water reading system. This process is part of a multi-year, capital project to modernize the water meter system and to transmit an actual water reading from your water meter each month.    

What can I Expect?
A technician from Public Works and/or HBK Water Service will perform a courtesy knock on your door to let you know they are in the neighborhood and working on the touch pad water meter reader on your home.  If you have a pet outside, the technician may ask you to bring the pet inside while the installation occurs.  There will be no need for access inside your home in the majority of cases.  If the technician finds a problem outside during the install, they will ask you to call Public Works and arrange for an appointment to resolve the issue.  The technicians will carry identification badges which identify them as City of Rolling Meadows employees or technicians with HBK Water Service.  

What are the benefits of Smart Point Meters to you?

  • Your water meter will be read monthly and the bill will be for actual water usage each month;
  • Meets regulatory requirements from state and federal agencies;
  • Minimizes water losses and increases water meter flow accuracy;
  • Makes water leaks easier, and sooner to detect; and
  • Provides the ability for the City to notify residents and businesses of plumbing issues in a timelier manner in order for a quicker resolution. 

What do you need to do? 
In most cases, there is no need for you to do anything.  The technician will complete the installation of the Smart Point outside of your home on the existing outside touchpad reader.

What if I receive a postcard/tag on my door? 
If the technician cannot complete the Smart Point installation on the outside touchpad reader, he or she will leave a postcard/tag asking you to call the Public Works Department to set up an appointment.  For example, if the existing outside touchpad reader is not functioning, there is no touchpad or your current inside meter needs to be replaced, the technician will need access to the water meter inside your home.  If you receive a postcard/tag – call the Public Works Department at (847) 963-0500 – as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns? 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Utility Billing Department at (847) 394-8500.