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Rolling Meadows Police Department-- Police Department Employee Complaint Form(Civilian or Sworn)

  1. Rolling Meadows Police Department Employee Complaint Form

    Please use this form when filing a complaint against any Rolling Meadows Police Employee.

  3. A Rolling Meadows Police Supervisor holding the rank of Sergeant or above will be contacting you in regards to this complaint. Please provide accurate information for a timely response.

  4. Please Indicate What Day of the Week is the Best to Contact you*
  5. Who is This Complaint Against?*
  7. Approximate time incident occurred
  8. Please be as detailed as possible. Do not leave anything out no matter how insignificant you feel it is. The more information you tell us about the better.

  9. Please provide any supporting documentation you may have
  10. Please provide any supporting photographs you may have.
  11. Please provide any supporting video you may have
  12. Please provide any supporting audio files you may have
  13. Form Submission

    By submitting this online complaint form you are authorizing the Rolling Meadows Police Department to investigate this matter. I further understand that giving false information on this form is punishable under 720 ILCS 5/26-1A4 – Filing a False Police Report. False allegations, which are determined to be slanderous in nature and/or are made without merit or foundation against a member of the Rolling Meadows Police Department may result in a civil and criminal action placed against you. By providing my identifying information in a digital format I am authorizing this complaint to be submitted and investigated. 

  14. By providing the above identifying information I authenticate the transmission of this online complaint form and believe this complaint to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that if I provide false information I am subjected to civil and criminal prosecution.

  15. Please click the submit and print button to lodge this complaint. Please print the copy for your records.

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