Occupancy Standards

The City of Rolling Meadows has adopted nationally accepted minimum standards as a guide to determine proper occupancy limits. City zoning regulations limit occupancy to immediate family members or up to 3 non-related persons.

Impact of Overcrowding
Overcrowding is occasionally a problem in multiple and single family dwellings. When overcrowding occurs it can create serious problems such as:
  • Buildings are subjected to more abuse and wear
  • Diseases spread more easily
  • Privacy is lost
  • Mental health is affected
A neighborhood that has overcrowding can experience increased noise pollution, crowded schools, parking problems, loss of privacy, and quality of life can be lowered. All residential properties must comply with the occupancy code. There is no exception for owner-occupied houses.

  • Sleeping rooms may not constitute the only means of access to other sleeping rooms or habitable spaces.
  • Every room may have access to at least one water closet and one lavatory without passing through another sleeping room.
  • Kitchens, non-habitable spaces and interior public areas are not be occupied for sleeping purposes.
For More Information
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Community Development Department at 847-506-6030 or use the Complaint Form.