Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Program

About the Program
The City of Rolling Meadows Public Works Department will continue with its ongoing Sewer System Maintenance Program which consists of televising main sewer lines to determine methods most cost effective for making a repair. These may include:
  • Excavation repair
  • Manhole spray lining
  • Manhole to manhole lining
  • Spot lining
In the event that a problem is discovered with a resident’s sanitary service line (lateral) at the point of connection, the City will advise the resident with a form stating what the problem is and what course of action to take to remedy the problem.

Typical Spot Lining Procedure
Spot lining of main sanitary pipes that are in need of repairs throughout the City. Is a method of choice because it eliminates the need to excavate driveways or parkways to make the repairs, and eliminates the inconveniences typically caused by excavating.

The graphic depicts the spot lining procedure which will be performed by an outside contractor. In cases where manhole to manhole segments have more than 3 defects it is more cost effective to line the entire segment.
Graphic of a typical spot lining procedure
Spray Lining
Spray lining of a number of manholes throughout the City is a procedure that requires no excavating and in most cases, residents won't even notice that the crew has done any work. This will keep manholes structurally strong for another 50 years.
Graphic of a typical spray lining procedure