Garage Sales

Garage Sale Requirements
Garage sales do not require a permit, but City ordinances do require the following:
  • Signs must be freestanding and not affixed to fences, utility poles, or placed in any driver's line of vision.
  • You may place a freestanding sign on your private property.
  • If signs are to be placed anywhere other than your own property, including the public right-of-way, approval must be obtained from the property owner directly adjacent to, and who has maintenance responsibilities for, the public way upon which the sign is placed. Without such approval the property owner is authorized to remove the sign.
  • A premises is limited to a maximum of 3 garage sales within any 12-month period. Garage sales are not to exceed 2 consecutive weekends in duration. 

As of Monday, June 8th 2020, garage and yard sales will be allowed in the City of Rolling Meadows under Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan.

The following guidance is expected to be used and adhered to when conducting a sale in addition to the normal garage sales guidelines found in the City Ordinances 

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Orders, no more than 10 people are allowed at a sale at one time.

IDPH-approved safety guidance must be observed.

Social distancing of at least six-feet should be maintained between non-household members.

If social distancing can’t be maintained, a face covering shall be worn.

Exceptions will be made for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering.

It is recommended to clean and disinfect any surface touched by multiple people every two hours.