Emergency Management

The City of Rolling Meadows has taken Emergency Management very seriously since the early 1960’s. Although the name of the organizational authority may have changed over the course of the past 5 decades from Civil Defense to Emergency Services and Disaster Agency to Emergency Management Agency, many of the same core principles and responsibilities have changed very little.

The City’s Emergency Management Agency is managed by an Emergency Management Team. The team is focused on pre-determined responsibilities. The Emergency Management Coordinator, the City Manager by ordinance, coordinates the team and emergency response operations.

The team is supported by the Emergency Management Committee which has been chosen by the City Manager and the Department heads. The Emergency Management Committee is composed of representatives from all the City’s departments to fill all the various roles and responsibilities. The committee meets on a monthly basis which helps foster inter-departmental relationships. It also establishes a better understanding of each department’s operational capabilities for responding to emergencies or disasters. Many of the committee members have been a part of major emergency responses through their various departments associations with mutual aid organizations.

The committee is also responsible for maintaining and updating the City’s Emergency Operations Plan and the City’s Continuity of Operations Plan. Additionally, the committee is responsible for disseminating emergency preparedness information to City Staff, the Citizens, and Businesses in the City of Rolling Meadows.



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