Police Vehicles

Rolling Meadows Police Department Dedicated to Excellence

A Police Package vehicle is specifically designed and built to be used by law enforcement officers and it includes special components for the engine, transmission, wheels, brakes, tires, cooling system, electrical system, suspension, seating, interior controls, and many other parts of the car. These modifications improve safety, durability, and performance. The current design of our marked squad vehicles showcases a high visibility black and white primary design with red, black, and white reflective lettering. With the popular and competent Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor going out of production after 2011, we began replacing older vehicles with Ford’s new Police Interceptor Utility this year. These more fuel efficient SUVs come standard with a capable V6 engine and all-wheel-drive, which improves handling, traction, and control in all weather conditions as well as in emergency driving situations.

Officers assigned to the uniformed Patrol Unit perform numerous duties and functions, and the patrol car has become their “office on wheels.” We outfit these vehicles with the latest technology and highest quality equipment available to law enforcement to support the Officers in their mission. This includes laptop computers on which officers can communicate and receive calls for service from our Emergency Dispatch Center, make various inquiries, write reports, and complete citations. All patrol vehicles are equipped with speed radar units, lethal- and lessthan-lethal support tools, crash investigation equipment, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, highvisibility traffic vests, and traffic flares. 

Each patrol vehicle is equipped with an in-car video/audio recording system, personnel protective equipment, and prisoner safety barriers. Beyond the standard police automobile, our agency employs special vehicles for particular duties. A full-size four-wheel-drive Chevy Tahoe (below left) is outfitted with tools to aid in the investigation of serious crashes and major crime scenes. Our Mobile Command Unit is used as command post at all major events, police actions, and crime scenes. Our military-spec Humvee was acquired to be deployed during major snowfalls, floods, and other natural or manmade disasters. Mostly it is used for community events.