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Crime Free Registration

  1. Crime Free Multi-Housing Seminar--Online Registration Form

    Register online for Crime Free Multi Housing Seminars

Police Department

  1. Commend a Police Officer-A JOB WELL DONE

    Please use this form to commend an officer on a job well done.

  2. General Police Department Inquiries-DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY CALL 911

    Please use this form if you have any general questions you would like answered. DO NOT use this form to report an emergency. Please... More…

  3. Rolling Meadows Police Department-ONLINE REPORTING FORM

    Please use this form to ONLY report the following instances: Theft from vehicle, Lost property, Damage to auto, Bike theft, Theft of... More…

  1. Future Police Department Job Opportunities-Notifications

    Please fill out this form to be notified of any Police Department job openings.

  2. Rolling Meadows Police Department-- Police Department Employee Complaint Form(Civilian or Sworn)

    Please use this form to file a complaint against a civilian or sworn police employee. The Rolling Meadows Police Department views all... More…


    This form is to be used by a certified police officer. Note: Certified means an officer that does not need to attend a police academy.