Taxes & Fees


Sales Tax

Listed below is the current sales tax rate for the City of Rolling Meadows as of January 1, 2016. The City of Rolling Meadows imposes a 1% home rule sales tax and a 2% food and beverage tax. For further information, please visit the Illinois Department of Revenue website.

Sales Tax Rate (Retailers & Service Occupation Taxes)

General Merchandise Type Tax Rate
City Home Rule
County Home Rule
Regional Transportation Authority
State Rate
Total 10.00%
Effective January 1, 2016, Cook County increased the County Home Rule Tax from 0.75% to 1.75%.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

The City of Rolling Meadows issues transfer tax stamps for real estate purchases and exempt stamps for owners making deed changes.  The rate is $3 per $1,000 of selling price.  A processing fee of $50 is charged for an exempt stamp.

Locally Collected Taxes

Type of Tax Rate
Motor Fuel Tax $0.04 per gallon
Food and Beverage Tax 2%
Hotel Tax 8%
Occupation Tax 1%

Municipal Electric Use Tax

Kilowatt Hours Used Cents per Kilowatt Hour
First 2,000 0.61
Next 48,000 0.40
Next 50,000 0.36
Next 400,000 0.35
Next 500,000 0.34
Next 2,000,000 0.32
Next 2,000,000 0.315
Next 5,000,000 0.31
Next 10,000,000 0.305
excess of 20,000,000 0.30

Natural Gas Tax

Cents per Therm

Property Tax

The City's portion fluctuates between 12-15% of the entire tax bill.  Changes are based on valuations and the amount levied.  See Cook County's website for more information.

State Distributed Taxes

Type City Portion Notes
Income Tax (per capita basis) 0.30% 5% Total State Rate
Corporate Income Tax (per capita basis) 0.48% 7% Total State Rate
Excise Tax (Telecommunications) 6% 13% Total State Rate
Local Use Tax (per capita basis) 1% 6.25% Total State Rate
Motor Fuel Tax (per capita basis) 49.1% to the City 19.8 cents per gallon
Personal Property Replacement Tax   See Illinois Dept of Revenue
Pull Tab & Jar Games Tax & Fees   See Illinois Dept of Revenue

Liquor License Fees

Class* Annual Fee
A-1 $4,600
A-2 $3,800
A-3 $5,200
B $3,700
C, C-1 $75
D $3,600
D-1 $3,700
E $3,800
P $75
*For Class Descriptions, please see the Municipal Code, Chapter 6, Sec. 6-36, Alcoholic Beverages

Building & Zoning Fees

Description Link to Fee Information in the Municipal Code
Building Permit Fees Appendix B, Section VI: Building and Construction Fees
Business License Fees Appendix B, Section XII: Business Licenses
Zoning Fees Appendix B, Section XXIV: Zoning
Subdivision Fees Appendix B, Section XVIII: Subdivisions

Rental Dwelling License--Multiple Dwelling (i.e. Apartments)

Class Annual Fee
20% of units inspected $22.50 per unit
50% of units inspected $60 per unit
100% of units inspected $100 per unit

Rental Dwelling Violation Rates

Type # of violations Per occurrence
Multiple Family 0-3 $30
Multiple Family 4 or more $90
Single Family 0-3 $50
Single Family 4 or more $150

Ambulance Rates

Level of Service Charge
ALS1 $450.00
ALS2 $600.85
BLS $375.00

Other Fees

Description Fee
Right of Way Fee for Telecommunication Companies $25 per Application
Cable Peg Fees 1% of Gross Revenues
Copy of Police Report $5 per copy

Utility Billing Rates

Service Link to Rates
Water Water Rates/Fees
Sewer Sewer Rates/Fees
Stormwater Stormwater Rates/Fees
Refuse Refuse Rates/Fees