Vehicle Services

Duties & Responsibilities

The Vehicle Services Division is an internal service division which is responsible for maintaining all City-owned vehicles and equipment. The City owns a wide variety of equipment specially tailored to provide routine maintenance and emergency services to the community.

The Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of many City-owned vehicles and many different sizes and types of equipment. These include:

  • 30 Public Works Department vehicles
  • 40 large pieces of equipment (e.g.: flushing machine, back-hoe, end-loader)
  • 60 small pieces of equipment (e.g.: snowplow equipment, chain saws, portable pumps)
  • 16 Fire Department vehicles
  • 33 Police Department vehicles
  • 6 City administrative vehicles
  • Park District vehicles, as needed for assistance
Additionally, this division also maintains the four stand-by generators that supply emergency power to the City’s water distribution facilities and sanitary sewer lift stations and 1 that serves the Public Works Facility.

This Division monitor’s the equipment and vehicle performance for fuel consumption and maintenance costs in order to provide the most cost efficient and effective vehicle operation. These efforts allow the Vehicle Replacement Committee to make sound decisions to ensure replacements occur in a timely manner.