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Rolling Meadows Police Department Dedicated to Excellence

We, the members of the Rolling Meadows Police Department, in partnership with the community, are dedicated to providing professional police services. We are committed to serve with integrity, pride, professionalism, and respect dedicated to improving the quality of life within the City of Rolling Meadows. 

Our Policy 

The Rolling Meadows Police Department recognizes that maintaining professional conduct requires a review process that will ensure the Department’s integrity and maintain public confidence. The Citizens Complaint Policy of the Rolling Meadows Police Department reviews all complaints against its members and properly adjudicates such complaints. All complaints including anonymous complaints will be investigated with objectivity, fairness and honesty. 

In all aspects of the citizen complaint process, the rights of the community, its citizens, and the employees under investigation will be fully preserved. All investigations will be conducted in a fair and impartial manner. The primary objective of this review process will be to determine the facts that will either support or disprove all allegations.

Who May Complain

Any citizen who witnesses or has direct knowledge of police misconduct may file a complaint with the Rolling Meadows Police Department. A citizen need not be personally involved to do so.

Responsibility- Ours and Yours

The Rolling Meadows Police Department views all citizen complaints against its employees very seriously, and actively pursues investigations into misconduct. For this reason, it is important for us to ensure that the complaint is based on fact. False reporting in an attempt to unjustly subject a police employee to underserved discipline or slander, or place his/her employment in jeopardy can result in the filing of criminal charges and/or a civil suit placed against you.

 How To File A Complaint

Complaints are generally filed with any Police Department supervisor. A complaint may initially be filed in person, by mail, telephone, or using the online portal located here.   Allegations of a serious nature will require that the supervisor receiving the complaint discuss the events in question with a personal interview.

 What Is The Complaint Procedure

  • Record the complete name, address, home and work phone numbers of the complainant and witnesses, how the complaint was received, and other information pertinent to the complaint. This information and specific details will be noted in the report. If the complainant appears to be intoxicated, or under the influence, this will be noted in the report. If the complainant is belligerent and uncooperative, he/she will be advised to come back the next day to file the complaint. 
  • The supervisor shall decide as to the seriousness of the complaint. The procedure to follow will be based on the assessment of the seriousness of the allegation. 
  • Minor complaints are those regarding a personality conflict, discourtesy or poor service which are not criminal in nature and are not major violations of Departmental polices or procedures. These may be handled by the supervisor receiving the complaint if the supervisor is able to resolve the matter at that level. If the supervisor is unable to resolve the matter, the supervisor will forward the complaint to the appropriate Commander or Deputy Chief for review. The supervisor receiving or initiating the complaint will comply with all departmental requirements regarding the investigation of citizen complaints. 
  • Major Complaint: Upon receipt of a major complaint (a direct violation of criminal law or a serious violation of Department policy) the  following process will be followed. The supervisor will log the complaint using the appropriate Department form, listing the names and addresses of complainants and witnesses along with a summary of the alleged events. The form will be forwarded to the Chief of Police. At the direction of the Chief of Police the complaint will then be assigned for follow-up by the Department’s Commander and Deputy Chief. All parties involved will be interviewed and all evidence will be collected and examined in accordance with court approved procedures. 

The results of the investigation are then forwarded to the Chief of Police for final review and approval of the disposition of the investigation. The results of the investigation are then forwarded to the Chief of Police for final review and approval of the disposition of the investigation.

What You Will Be Told

City, State and Federal laws govern an employee’s privacy rights. You will be notified of the findings of the investigation by the Chief of Police either orally or in writing.

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